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Child and Adolescent Counseling

Children and adolescents have unique experiences in the world given all of the forces around them and the newness of the world itself. It is an important time in life and how we learn to navigate the world during this stage of development can have a lasting impact on our experiences as adults. Since many situations can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable during this developmental time, children and adolescents can find it challenging to express what they are feeling. This can result in relationship and communication challenges with peers and family, problems in school, anxiety, depression, and behavioral concerns.

Counseling is a great opportunity for them to have a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore and understand what is happening for them and empower them to find a way towards a solution. For many children and adolescents, it can be beneficial to talk with someone in a safe environment that is removed from their social circle to provide guidance on confusing and difficult situations they may face. Additionally, some of the work with children and adolescents involves working with parents, caregivers, and families as well.