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Gifted Testing

You may wonder if your child is “gifted” if they are not exceptionally good at a task like reading or math. Giftedness is measured in multiple domains and can often times be overlooked. Interestingly there are some behavioral clues to giftedness that are similar to ADHD. You may observe your child is energetic, non-stop talking, impulsive, and spontaneous. You may also notice that your child is very curious, constantly asking questions, and appears to have adult like humor or sarcasm. 

For more information, The National Association for Gifted Children provides great resources, such as Traits of Giftedness. 

If you are curious or your child has been recommended for gifted testing, schedule an appointment with Lilliane.

As a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Lilliane recognizes the importance of children and teens receiving educational instruction that meets their needs and appropriately challenges them. She provides Gifted Testing to school-aged children to determine if they meet qualifications for the Academically Gifted Program. AGP programs challenge your child academically to maintain their interest and commitment to their academic success. 

Lilliane is culturally competent, examining the various barriers to education and assessment. She is a Spanish-speaking provider.

  • Process takes 1-2 hours, with an additional 1 hour for scoring, interpretation, and feedback
  • Cost $250, not covered by insurance