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Executive Coaching

It is not uncommon to have moments in your life when you feel as though you are stuck on a treadmill and not going anywhere. ​For many it is when our attempts to balance work and life are not aligning or major life changes / transitions are happening. Executive Coaching focuses on the struggles you are facing in the moment, establishing realistic goals, and preparing you for your future. You have a chance to pause, to reframe, and to restart and gain an increased understanding of your life and find solutions to your situations.

Dr. Sheriece combines her therapeutic and performance enhancement knowledge to design a program that best meets your needs. She is certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP), Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP), PerSight®, Influence Style Indicator®, and others. 

Individual sessions can be in-person or via video conferencing. 

Executive coaching is a non-clinical approach to tapping into your leadership skills, finding balance in your life, and becoming your best self. 
  • Reestablish goals, maintain focus, and find balance in your relationships
  • Develop and understand your leadership or coaching style
  • Explore your career goals
  • Establish healthy self-care habits
  • Assistance during difficult transitions
  • Preventing burnout and exploring transitions through professional hurdles and retirement

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